BIPV Series B2


The technique integrates the photovoltaic modules with buildingmaterials, using the PV modules to replace roofs, windows and outerwalls. Photovoltaic and building material integrated products not onlycan be used as building materials, but also can use solar energyresources to generate electricity, and BIPV system costs can bereduced. Photovoltaic arrays are installed in the roofs or outer walls,without additional occupation of lands, which is particularly importantto land-expensive city constructions. Electricity consumption is peakin the summer, when precisely there is the largest amount of sunlight,and also the photovoltaic system capacity gets up to the maximum whichcan play a role in adjusting power grid peak. Photovoltaic arraysabsorb solar energy and change it into electricity, greatly reducingthe outdoor temperature, wall heat gain and interior air-conditioningcooling load and playing a role in building energy conservation.

  Solar photovoltaic conversion       
  Photovoltaic landscape lighting
  Personalized curtain wall           
  Modern appearance
  Blocking heat radiation
  New definition of building  
  Green energy conservation building model